♥about me

i am : a female • training to be a physician

i believe in : healthy eating • honesty • simplicity

i adore : kids • craft • ocean • jewelry

i enjoy : painting • photography • a challenge • dancing • bhangra • experiments • fashion

i thrill : running • great workout • technology • music • competition

i wish : to travel the world, be a nomad • look 20 when I’m 30

love • laugh • live 

Thank you for visiting my blog ! 

Why amour • rire • vie?  

It’s quite simple. I believe in the notion of love, laugh, live. One might ask, but why in French? Well, I love French. I am definitely not fluent in it, but I hope to take some time out in the future to learn it properly. Once life settles down. Right now, I have too much on my plate. This blog will be the extra whip cream or cherry on that plate (depending on what you like).

I always think of things to do, but never get around to them. Finally, I made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Blogging happens to be one of them. So here I am.

It was difficult to pick ONE topic that I want to blog about. I have various interests in life and numerous things I am fond of and would like to talk about, therefor couldn’t decide on ONE thing. Hence, amour, rire, vie! This blog will be about happy, lovable things in life. Ranging from a delicious bubble tea to a great workout, or even a random rainfall in summer.

 Hope you enjoy your stay. 


5 responses to “♥about me

  1. I liked the concept of accomplishing 101 things in 1001 days, It makes life worth living, and suddenly one feels like “Hey i am living my life” WOW! i really really, honestly liked it and liked you as well, you are good and your thoughts are awesome and maybe i might try this idea too, and i would share my list of 101 things with you, since it would be a long list, will have to get some few 40-50 to-do-things ideas on the list from you. I think it would be fun! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I definitely think you should make a list of 101 things! You will get to do everything you wanted to, and have a way of keeping track of it. Otherwise we never get to those things with the busy life. And for sure I would love to help with the list. 🙂 I have many ideas.

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