my stress reliever

I’ve been rather stressed lately and perhaps haven’t been quite myself. At times like these I turn to things that I hold close to my heart, things that make me who I am. One of those things happens to be photography. Now I’m not a pro, neither have I been trained in photography apart from a 45-day photography class I took back in 2001. Wow, over a decade ago. Time sure does fly.

Anyhow, today I decided to grab my brother’s Nikon D3000 (since I don’t have a SLR) and take pics of random findings in my backyard.

It definitely was a stress reliever.

5 responses to “my stress reliever

  1. Excellent pictures. I do believe a person does not need to learn the technical aspect of photography, until he/she is ready to keep a close eye on the things surrounding him/her. And you proved it with these pictures. All these pictures are so beautiful. Great work.

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